Friday, February 5, 2010

Wags $5 RR WYS $25

Amy over at WhoSaidNothingInLifeIsFREE, e-mailed me with some good news. Apparently some Wags are offering a $5 RR WYS $25 (it has to be $25 AFTER coupons). The RR seems to be offered at Wags that have a clinic at their location and it's in conjunction with the free diabetes testing that they are offering. I personally have not tried this. If one of you gets the extra $5 let me know! Hopefully it'll last beyond today, it would be a great plus for the new Sunday ad! Thanks so much Amy for the update!

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Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Christie, Did it twice and received the $5 Walgreen dollars (like Holiday bucks). The $25 is before coupons too; I was sweating it the first time because the cashier took my coupons that I had laid out and put in after each product! What a way to promote good will(not!).....thanks, Jan